September 19th

Hey everyone!

Wow, it feels like I’ve been gone for months, even though it’s only been about 3 weeks. Don’t take it the wrong way though, it’s not because it’s been a bad three weeks, but that I’ve learned so much in so short a time that it feels like I’m already miles ahead of where I was three weeks ago! The MTC is awesome, and although I wanted to go straight to Brazil, I’m glad the Lord allowed me to come here where the transition to Portuguese is a much easier one to make.

This week was really awesome though! We started teaching two more investigators (again teachers, but I doubt you understand how real the experience feels when we teach them). One was Rosinaldo and the other was Mercia. Both have already accepted the baptismal commitment because my companion and I work so well together at bringing the spirit into the lessons. Rosinaldo prayed and has already learned the truthfulness of the Restoration of the gospel, and it was so exciting to hear how excited he was about his answer.

On Tuesday, I saw Mark Lucas (a friend I haven’t seen in years), who works here at the MTC. He advised me to get to the Tuesday night devotional way early because we were going to have a special guest. We got there and hour and a half early to get good seats. Turns out it was a good idea because it was Elder M. Russel Ballard of the Quorum of the 12 apostles who taught the devotional. The meeting with Mark was definately a blessing from the Lord because otherwise we would have had no idea! It also really hit me hard that with the title of Elder, I have the same title as the Lord’s chosen apostles, and I am treating it as nobly as I would when talking to an apostle.

We got our new teacher (in addition to the one we already have) for Portuguese this week. She’s actually from Brazil, so it’s really cool to hear a real Brazilian speak. We also went to the Training Resource Center (TRC) and taught people there in Portuguese also. I felt bad because, since we went on splits and I didn’t have my usual companion, I spoke most of the time because no one else knew what to say in Portuguese. I have truly been blessed of the Lord with the gift of tongues, and I know that the Lord is helping me with the Language so that I can not only help the people in Brazil, but also my district here at the MTC.

Then, last night, we had a devotional from one of the District Presidents here. It was about obedience and it really hit me hard. My companion and I have been obedient, but have not been exactly obedient in everything. We get up on time and go to bed on time and stuff like that, but just minor adjustments. My companion and I decided that we’re going to be 100% obedient. We also watched a devotional from Jeffrey R. Holland that was taken 2 years ago about teaching by the spirit. Whoa, talk about a powerful devotional! It was absolutely amazing and I learned a lot about how to teach by the Spirit.
Well, my letter was definately shorter today, so I apologize to everyone! I love you all! Eu te amo meus amigos! Hope to hear from you all soon! Until Next week!

Elder Finch


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