October 24th, 2011

Hey everyone!

So, this week was really an odd one, though not in a bad way, so I will start from the beginning.

Tuesday was really awesome because of the evening devotional. We had Elder Richard G. Scott come and teach us, and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn from an apostle. The thing I learned most was that each mission call is divinely inspired from God, and that every call is given for that person because of their abilities and experiences, not simply because they have openings in certain missions or not.

Speaking of mission calls, I will be receiving another one this Wednesday or Thursday telling me where I will be reassigned temporarily seeing as I still haven’t received my visa. I am also currently the last one in my district who has not received their electronic visa, which is even more reaffirming that I am needed both stateside for a time, and in Brazil. I know that there are people in Brazil that I am meant to teach, as well as people here stateside.

Wednesday we hosted the new missionaries arriving to the MTC, which was both exciting for them, but sad because you had to see their depressed families driving away, which was really hard. Thursday wasn’t really anything to report.
Friday my companion and I got a letter from the MTC telling us that they wanted us to demonstrate to the new missionaries on the 26th how to teach an investigator. Apparently our teachers thought we were qualified and recommended us, though we’re both really nervous about it.

Saturday we practiced teaching one of our district members about a lot of stuff just to practice teaching, which was a really cool experience! I even learned a lot, and I was only teaching!

Sunday I was selected to give a talk (they select people randomly from the group to speak), which I felt like I did decently on. We also sang a song as a district because we are all leaving next week (or possibly this week depending on the reassignment report date).

But yeah! Everything has been going fantastic and I’m excited to be able to be here and be able to serve!

Keep me posted on what’s happening back home!

Elder Finch


About elderfinch

I will be serving in the Brazil, Vitoria Mission from August 31st 2011 to August 2013. I will be first reporting to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah while waiting for my visa to clear.

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