November 21, 2011

Hey everyone!

So, this week was a really slow week. We didn’t really get to talk to very many people, but it was still a good week.

Last Monday, as we were coming down the elevator after another lesson with Susan, a guy got in the elevator with a giant butcher knife. He was sweating and looked like he could have been on drugs. We were all freaked out, especially after hearing that a guy who almost identically matched his description had killed a person that same day with a knife. I have yet to research it, but if that was the same guy, I’m going to be even more freaked out!!!

Tuesday was really good. We talked with Hector again about the gospel. He talked about how he is really struggling in his life right now, so we gave him a priesthood blessing and read the story of Nephi in 2 Nephi 4: 26-31. Hector really showed emotion when I read the part, “I will give place no more, for the enemy of my soul.” It was a great lesson and the Spirit was so thick in the room it was palpable. It was a fantastic lesson. We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings again and I got 5 of the spiciest wings. Note to self: dumb idea hahaha. After that we saw another investigator named Domingo. This lesson is worth talking about because Elder Miller exclaimed at the door, “Hi Juan!” We had just visited Juan, so he was confused. We fixed the situation and he let us come in to talk. While we were giving the lesson, I finally had the need to say something. I started talking, and almost immediately, Domingo fell asleep. I trailed off and obviously looked horribly confused because my companions were laughing. It was a really funny experience.

Wednesday was almost entirely engulfed by the fact that we got a brand new mission vehicle! We traded our Chevy Malibu in for a 2012 Ford Fusion. It was such an upgrade! Anyways, that’s pretty much it for that day.

Thursday was cool because we got to go to Lake Ontario and go out on the pier which was like a mile long! Whew, that was freezing cold! Lake Ontario is the smallest great lake, and you still couldn’t see even close to the end of it. It was a cool experience though and we of course froze almost to death haha.

Friday we went out with Mark to take pictures of the cool graffiti around town. He would have gone alone, but since that’s our area and we feel comfortable there, he came with us so he’d be protected. It was really cool to see all the graffiti for more than like a second while you’re driving. Those artists have serious talent though, it’s absolutely amazing! Mark also told us that the Sacred Grove experience last week really made him feel good and start to accept the message of the Restoration. We also taught a recent convert named Ibrahim, who is from Cuba! That was kinda cool considering my mom is from Cuba. The whole day I’d been praying I could speak Spanish to him instead of Portuguese so I could actually contribute to the lesson. The Lord answered my prayer and I was able to teach the lesson in fluent Spanish. Wow, that was definitely a sign that the Lord is helping me in this work.

Saturday was a great day! We taught Hector again and he said that this week was much better since the blessing. He said he’s been much happier and more able to control his emotions. We also went to the Sacred Grove again with another recent convert, Steve. We also got to get a really cool replica of the original 1830 leather copy of the Book of Mormon. I normally wouldn’t have gotten it, but because I served near the sacred grove and the site of the Restoration of the Gospel, I figured it was appropriate to get.

Sunday was another really cool day. After church, we taught Susan again. She really hasn’t been making much progress, so we taught her about having a desire to learn and asked her if she would take the week to think about if she really wanted to learn about the gospel. She said she would. Afterwards, we took Mark to a baptismal service for another set of missionaries. We got the times mixed up, so we only got to be there for the confirmation part of the baptism. However, the Spirit obviously touched Mark and we set a baptismal date with him for Christmas Eve so that he could get the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. How much better of a Christmas present could he get? I thought it was pretty cool.

Anyways, so that was my week! Hope to hear from everyone!

Elder Finch


About elderfinch

I will be serving in the Brazil, Vitoria Mission from August 31st 2011 to August 2013. I will be first reporting to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah while waiting for my visa to clear.

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