December 12, 2011

Hey everyone!

So this week was awesome in so many ways! I’ll kinda just go from day to day and tell you what happened!

Monday was just preparation day, so after doing everything we needed to, we played basketball for 5 hours, as usual. Also, one of the families here found out that I was half Cuban and that I ate Cuban food a lot. It just so happens, that they are also half Cuban, so they invited us over and made some awesome Cuban food for me! It made me feel so at home! That was a great experience.

Tuesday was great! We had an awesome lesson with Hector. He had a question that he had asked other priests and preachers about who didn’t have the answers to. He asked why God would need 10% of your income (tithing) if he’s just a spirit? We were able to explain to him that God has a body as tangible as man’s, and that He uses the money we give to help build the kingdom, and not the wallets of the clergy. We explained that tithing is also a way of showing God that we trust Him enough to give Him back what He has already given us. It was a really good lesson and Hector was very happy we were able to answer his question. We also taught 3 other lessons, which we all good, but not worth reporting on.

Wednesday we taught 3 other lessons! We taught Bob and shared a Christmas message. We taught Jenny also, who really enjoyed the message of the Restoration. Susan’s lesson was great also! We brought Brother Piede along again, who continues to help a lot in our lessons with her. She finally realized the place that the Book of Mormon has in relationship to the Bible, but her understanding is still struggling to progress very fast. Also today was an awesome day because the Guy family referred us to one of their good friends who we would be able to teach! We have been trying to contact them and will keep everyone posted on how it goes!

Thursday we had district meeting and learned a lot, especially about retaining member referrals and taking care of the people they refer you to. We went out to lunch afterwards, which was clearly inspired because we walked in and were deciding on what to get at a certain sub shop. A member from another ward (congregation) came in and recognized on of the missionaries in our group and then insisted on paying for all of us. So we were able to have lunch for free thanks to the generosity of that member. We also had exchanges today with Elder Campbell. We taught Domingo again with his daughter and friend. We then went to Juan’s house to get a referral, and saw him as we were walking away from his house (we had already knocked on his door). He let us in, fed us some kind of fish. Juan is from the Dominican Republic and makes fantastic food! We always love eating over there. He also referred us to a friend! We have to get the address though.

Friday was a really slow day. All of our planned lessons fell through and we planned for the next week. We did however get invited (through a total miracle) to sing in a caroling group with Susan and 5 other older ladies who had been looking for guy voices to sing with them. Not only are we excited to go caroling with them, but it also gives us a chance to talk to more people about the gospel!

Saturday was good, but nothing really amazing happened.

Sunday was pretty good though! To try to help the Spanish group in the ward out, we held a Spanish Sacrament service in another room of the church. Unfortunately, as much as we tried to invite people to the service, we only had two members there who actually spoke Spanish as a native language. The rest of the people there were gringos who spoke Spanish and were there to show support for the Spanish members. So…that was interesting. Juan Capellan (the member from the D.R.) gave a wonderful talk though! We’re going to stop by on Wednesday to his house because he lost his wife a year ago on that date, so we’re going to see how we can support him through that day. We also taught Susan again. As much as we love teaching her, we are struggling to find ways to teach her and help her understand the principles we teach. She’s a very good Christian woman though, she just has problems understanding what we teach.

We did also get another referral from a member on Sunday! Apparently the members trust us enough to go and talk to their friends, which we are very excited about!!! Also, we’re preparing a skit for the Christmas meeting on Tuesday as requested by President Christianson. We decorated our chins and sang upside down while filming it! You’ll understand what I mean when I send the clip when it’s finished!

Well, that’s been our week! Lots of good lessons, lots of good referrals, and lots of good fun!

Talk to everyone next week!

Elder Finch


About elderfinch

I will be serving in the Brazil, Vitoria Mission from August 31st 2011 to August 2013. I will be first reporting to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah while waiting for my visa to clear.

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