January 2nd, 2012

Hey everyone!

So, I haven´t written a weekly update in a while, so…my bad. But this past week was really cool and also kinda sad. So, I finally got my visa! So I am writing this letter from Vitoria Brazil! The sad thing was that I had to leave all my friends back in Rochester, but I can still keep in touch thankfully.

This past week has been so different! I spent two days travelling here on Monday and Tuesday. Most of the flights I just slept. On the flight to Brazil though, I found two Brazilians who I was able to talk to! It was cool because one of them liked us so much that she bought us dinner! Hey no complaints there from me! Thankfully I have not lost my Portuguese after two months in New York! I can still speak the language, though understanding for me is difficult. I can still understand a lot of what they say, but it´s hard to piece all the parts I understand together.

So, I am again in a trio, but also a regular companionship. My trainer´s name is Elder Marinho and he is from Brasilia. So yes he is a native Brazilian but that is such a blessing! He is helping me learn Portuguese like a native and I am able to speak to him in just Portuguese now. He also understands enough english where I can say a word or phrase I don´t know and he can tell me how to say it in Portuguese. Elder Turner is our companion for the evening because he works in the office during the day.

Man the food here is so good though! Every day it´s like explosion of the taste buds! It is amazing here (though eating lunch as the big meal and hardly anything for breakfast and lunch will be difficult haha)!

The experience here is so different. Here, a lot of people let us in their houses to teach them, but not a lot of people progress in the gospel. A good chunk of our work is with less active members because they join the church and then go in-active. However, the people here are amazing! It is very different though in a good way! We have a family preparing to be baptized on the 15th if everything goes well.

Well, that is pretty much the week so far!

Elder Finch


About elderfinch

I will be serving in the Brazil, Vitoria Mission from August 31st 2011 to August 2013. I will be first reporting to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah while waiting for my visa to clear.

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