February 20th

Hey everyone!

So, this week was pretty good but also very strange. First off, I love
Aracruz! The area here is gorgeous! I´m going to do my best to take as
many pictures as possible here because it is awesome!

It´s also progressing very well! We have a teaching pool of over 35
people (which we´ll have to narrow down by marking baptismal dates and
working only with those people for the time being).

My new companion is Elder Degraw. He´s also American and he has one
month less than me in the mission but all of his time was here in
Brazil, so his Portuguese is very good. As usual though, all of us
Americans (including myself) have strong American accents and people
often look at us funny, though maybe that´s only because we´re
missionaries and that´s normal? I hope it´s just that and not our
accents hahaha. I´m also still with my trainer Elder Marinho, so
we´re in a trio right now. It´s been a fun time so far.

This week was also interesting because we live with the Zone leaders
also and one of them had to do an emergency exchange with the
missionaries in Colatina for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So those
three days I was with Elder Barr, who was our old district leader in
Vitória (weird how everything works out). I have spent more time in
their area actually than I have in my own due to this exchange, but it
was good. I was sick the entire exchange though. I felt sick Friday,
had a flu Saturday, and had a remnant of the flu on Sunday.

Also, Carnaval started this week for real here in Aracruz, but it´s
way quiet here because everyone travels away from the city. It´s way
weird. It´s also a pain in the butt because all the stores and
services are basically closed this week. But at least it´s not as bad
or crazy as I thought it would be.

Anyways, that´s been my week pretty much. Hope to hear from you all soon!

Elder Finch


About elderfinch

I will be serving in the Brazil, Vitoria Mission from August 31st 2011 to August 2013. I will be first reporting to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah while waiting for my visa to clear.

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